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A first of its kind decentralised debt network to enable global lending


Global Lending Network

A peer to peer network of lenders and borrowers to enable crypto backed loans

Margin Trading

Global Trading Network

A peer to peer network of margin traders with shared liquidity and upto 10x leverage

$1 Trillion

Size of leveraged loans market in US

$542 Trillion

Estimated total size of derivatives market

$81 Trillion

Total size of bonds market in 2009

2.2 Billion

People lack access to financial services

Our Vision

Rewriting global debt
on the blockchain

Our Mission

Creating a peer to peer
debt marketplace

Our Team

A founding team with a proven track record

Varun Despande


Ratnesh Ray


Siddharth Verma


Rohit Soni

Tech Lead

Rahul Manas

Sr. Software Developer

Rajesh Ray

Software Developer

Praneet Sinha

Product & Marketing Manager

Shubham Sharma

Software Developer

Syed Shoeb

Partnerships and Business Development Manager

Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency